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Dubsmash clone

Ever since the Smartphone usage started increasing, it was the gaming applications that dominated the app market. However, for the last two or three years, short video making applications have started gaining traction, courtesy of major players like Dubsmash clone, TikTok, Vine, and many more. Well, if you’re planning on your entrepreneurial venture, why not consider the hottest mobile app trend – a short video app?!

In this article, you’ll find the reasons to go with the Dubsmash clone, how to determine your target market, appealing features, and many more. Let’s Begin-

Why should you go with Dubsmash clone?

Dubsmash is a New York-based video-sharing application that lets users choose their favorite audio recording and record a video of dubbing over that piece of audio. Moreover, this mobile application is one of the core starters of the short video app trend that has become the dominator now.

With TikTok’s future looks uncertain, the users are looking for better alternatives to enhance their entertainment time. So, with the market still having a lot of space, a platform like the Dubsmash clone could be vital in enhancing micro-entertainment space in the market.

Apart from that,

  • The clone app solution has robust Ad spaces, where you can invite others to advertise their brands. In this way, you can generate money!
  • Moreover, you can also partner with brands and run campaigns on your Dubsmash clone app to enhance user engagement.
  • Cloning means regaining only the skeletal structure of the original app and you can unleash your creative wings to customize the clone script.
  • Most importantly building a short video app from scratch is a time-consuming process. So, it’s always advisable to build a clone app which is affordable and time-saving.

So, leveraging a successful business model like Dubsmash is always a safe bet for everyone, at least for first-time entrepreneurs. However, before diving into the development phase, there is one essential phase which you couldn’t afford to miss out on!

Define your target audience

Almost 90% of the mobile apps made on the planet Earth have been aimed directly towards its target audience. So, including features that the audience likes and the aesthetics they like would directly enhance the popularity factor of any app. Even though it is the act of cloning, the developers have to take their target audience into consideration to build their app.

If you’re wondering how to define your target audience, here’s how;

  • Mandatorily, first of all, analyze the market (country/state) you’re going to target.
  • Analyze their Smartphone usage patterns – Like what applications they use the most, how much time they spend on applications, and many more.
  • Moreover, you can launch the MVP version of the Dubsmash clone app to identify how your target audience reacts to slow loading times, how they react to bugs, etc.

While analyzing your target market, you might easily get caught in the idea of targeting only the urban residents. However, it’s not how it functions in the short video app market. Take TikTok, for instance, almost 60% of the platform’s user base in India was from rural areas.

Upon deciding your target audience, you have to include features that might be appealing to a specific set of audience.

What if your target audience has users from age 16-24?

  • Include captivating features like AR camera & filters, Live streaming, Dubbing & Video selfie, and many more.

What if your target audience has users aged 30+?

  • Include a trendy & constantly updating home feed, feasible commenting features, and a crisp 15-second video recording feature.
  • Moreover, there may/may not be users who worry about high data consumption while watching videos.
  • So, make sure you optimize the data consumption!

How important is the admin panel?

Admin panel – a platform from where the holders of Dubsmash clone is meant to manage the app.

Being the app owner, you can;

  • View, Monitor, and manage the users who are registered with your short video app.
  • View, Edit, or Delete any comments or replies if you found any abusive or harassing.
  • Send personalized offers, news, or discounts to the users through push notifications.
  • Respond to any queries of the users immediately through the chat feature.

Since the admin panel is crucial for any app, we have taken that into account and built a robust web panel for admins.

To Conclude,

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t love entertainment these days. If you could provide micro entertainment in the form of a Dubsmash clone, chances are that people could go berserk over your platform.

Wondering from where to start? Speak with our technical team right now. Also read Tiktok clone

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