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Parlay TikTok’s user base with a readymade josh clone app

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The ban on TikTok has left a huge void in the Indian short video app market. The independent players, within a short span, have launched their short-video applications. One such independent player is Josh, a subsidiary of Dailyhunt (News aggregator), which has registered more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store.  Apart from that, Josh’s aesthetics has led to numerous entrepreneurs replicating the business model. If you’re an entrepreneur, employing a customizable Josh clone app is the best possible option.

How though? Let’s dig in.

Is it an apt time to enter the short video app market?

Of course, it is.

Why we say is because of these two reasons:

  • An established player has just left the market

Ever since it arrived in 2018, TikTok has smashed records and remained the top player in the Indian market. Let it be on the number of downloads, the number of subscriptions, or whatever, the TikTok application has set standards for an effective short-video application.

It has to be a big void when a player like TikTok left the market. However, the Chinese short video app’s massive user base is up for takings. To emulate at least half of TikTok’s (success), one has to develop a proficient application that entertains to the core.

  • The market is still segregated and unexplored

It’s been almost a year since the ban on TikTok was announced (June 2020); however, none could attain the magnanimous reach of TikTok. And, it’s no more a one-player market as multiple players try to be the “next TikTok” in the Indian sub-continent region.

Developing a short-video application with a feature-rich ecosystem might be the ideal option. Incorporating the features that enhance the creators’ talents is what you have to do.

If so, why Should I choose the Josh clone app?

Whether you are making an application for your organization/community, or you want to build an app-based business, there’s no shortage of apps and web-based tools to help you. A suite of Josh clone script offers everything from effects/filters to web-based control and live streaming feature. Beyond creation, why not replicate a Josh-like app with some customizations?

Let us list out some of the convincing reasons why you should go with a platform like Josh clone:

Multi-genre videos

Do you need your app to stand out from the competition? Realize it by serving the audience of various tastes. To attract an audience from across genres, your short-video application must include diverse content.

Josh clone makes it possible with contents spanning across genres – dance, music, comedy, jokes, challenges, fashion, DIY, and much more.

Multi-language compatibility

One of the success reasons of an app like Josh is its ability to serve the multi-dimensional heritage of India. You can retain the same in Josh clone with a home feed designed for the audience to watch, like, and follow in their regional language.

Currently available in 15+ languages, the Josh clone makes sure you don’t miss out on any regional audience.

Instant social sharing

Be it their short videos or others’ videos, the users can share them instantly by clicking on the “Whats app” icon in the home feed. Sharing the content on Whats app means more engagement and more followers.

Apart from that, the Josh clone app also encourages social sharing like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and much more.

What should I do now?

As the need for entertainment increases, the user base for the short video app market grows exponentially. At a time when the search for “next TikTok” is still active, employing an aesthetically designed Josh clone app will drive benefits to you!

However, you first need to choose a technology partner to unleash your dream project. Find Home page on Tiktok clone

If you’re serious about proceeding further, we can help you in Josh-like app development. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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