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Soft launching your video sharing app: What’s the role of ShareChat clone in it?

Soft launching your video sharing app: What’s the role of ShareChat clone in it?

The advent of video-sharing apps like TikTok, ShareChat, etc., has revolutionized the mobile entertainment sector. Notably, these apps have dominated the sub-continent market by implementing state-of-the-art video creating and sharing algorithms. The video-sharing apps are growing in this region, particularly the Indian players like ShareChat. If you are an entrepreneur planning to launch a video sharing app anywhere in the world, a platform like ShareChat clone helps you join the lucrative market.

How though? Carry on reading…!

Benefits of choosing the clone app

ShareChat is an Indian video-sharing and social networking service that allows its users to create videos and share them with unknown users. It’s a multi-purpose app that helps users to watch and download videos, talk to strangers, get acquainted with the latest events and trends.

So, when our team first analyzed the Bengaluru-based video-sharing app, we were impressed with most of its features and offerings.

However, what impressed us the most is its ability to support multiple languages. Yes, by leveraging the ShareChat clone, you can develop a video sharing app that supports your regional language!

Apart from that,

  • The ShareChat is an already established business model. So, utilizing its clone app solution will be beneficial for you!
  • Moreover, a website is included as a part of the clone app package. This website acts as a digital home for your video-sharing app.
  • Multi-platform compatibility is another benefit of the ShareChat clone. So, it’s up to you to decide on which platforms you will be launching your application – Android or iOS or both.
  • The clone app solution comes with some standard revenue-generating options that provide a constant income!

With that being said, now let’s look at how soft-launching your ShareChat clone app will drive you multiple benefits.

Why Should you Soft launch your ShareChat clone app?

The soft launch is nothing but a strategy of developing the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of your app to obtain valuable feedback from the target audience. Think of it as a trial and error method before launching the full-featured app to a wider audience.


  • By developing and launching an MVP, you can rectify errors and squash the bugs before launching the app.
  • With a soft launch, you can examine how the target audience reacts to your ShareChat clone app.
  • Soft launching the ShareChat clone app helps you monitor the high-traffic keywords related to your app.
  • As a result, by including those keywords, you can index your app for those keywords.
  • Most importantly developing an MVP help you determine whether the audience likes your app idea or not!

A well-planned soft launch could identify both the strengths and flaws in any app before the major launch. So, it’s important to choose an ideal app development company that adheres to your business objectives. Also find tiktok alternative site on Tiktok clone

Basic features of ShareChat clone script

The reason we say “basic” is that during the soft launch of your ShareChat clone app, you must include these features.

Profile management – Let the target audience (for MVP!) create and manage their profiles with information like bio, contact information, social media profiles, and more.

Video Recording & Editing – Allow the users to lip-sync and record their short videos thereby exhibiting their talents. Moreover, deploying the editing tools like adding animations, AR effects, and let the users utilize it.

Like/Comment/Share – Make sure the users, when they like a video, could easily like or comment on it.

Including these features will define the basic (beta) version of an app like ShareChat.

Now let’s move on to the advanced features…!

Advanced features…!

Chat rooms – Let the users engulf in establishing communication with strangers by deploying the chat rooms. Yes, customize the ShareChat clone script and bestow the users with a real-time online chat option.

Locality Trending – Develop your video sharing app in a region-specific way to cater to your local audience. Make sure the algorithm detects what’s trending in a specific region on every topic like Politics, Comedy, Cinema, and many more.

Privacy settings – Let the users decide – what to view and what not to! By deploying many options, you allow the users to choose who should get access to their contents and who shouldn’t.

To Conclude,

Soft launching your ShareChat clone could be an ideal option for entrepreneurs and startups because of its ability in increasing the chances of success.

Remember that, with the soft launch, you can polish the app to perfection before the grand launch.

We hope we’ve highlighted every possible question of soft-launching a video sharing app. If you have any more questions, hit us up.

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